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Greg Paulmier
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2007 SRC Testimony
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Being a partner, parent and neighbor are the life experiences that I spend most of my energy on.

Here are some of the priorities I see as important to meet the challenges of these roles.

I have spent my life creating housing and jobs for families in Germantown, working to empower our northwest Philadelphia community I want to put that energy to restoring accessibility and fiscal accountability to government. We all know the challenges of the northwest. We have talked about them for years. What stops us from meeting those challenges is leadership. My leadership will bring economic stability back to the northwest. I have been reclaiming abandon proprieties renovating them, employing residents in the community for skilled and unskilled jobs and reducing the blight and creating economic stability in the community for over thirty years. My leadership will bring improvement to the public schools. My leadership will bring safety to our streets, better city services, and open space. I have the energy and consistency to utilize the resources we need.

work that means the most

Organizing for Empowerment